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Duck Divers Surf Wax is dedicated to making a new standard to which all others will be compared. Combining three key elements that make Duck Divers superior.

1 - The Shape: The most ergonomically designed wax in the world. Shape has everything to do with surfing, you're concerned with the shape of your board, and most certainly the surf when you pull up to check-it, so why not your wax?

Why shouldn't your wax fit in your hand like it was meant to be there? At Duck Divers we feel it should and it does!

2 - Slow Cooking™ : Using our unique process our wax is cooked at a much lower temperature for a longer period of time. This allows the ingredients to blend without the risk of burning, which would render the key ingredients useless.

3 - Dual-Melt™ : The Dual-Melt process of materials like vinyl, plastics and metals has been proven to make a product superior in strength and durability. Once a batch of Duck Divers Wax is Slow-cooked™, it is then allowed to cool for at least 48 hours before the second melt. We feel this is what sets Duck Divers Wax products apart from the rest. We take the extra time and effort that's needed to create the perfect bar of wax.

Go Surf!!

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